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For those who are white, repentance is the path

sermon Jun 08, 2020
Liberation theology for white people is a theology of surrender and repentance. There are, however, at least three ways that we can help those who have been oppressed as we attempt to walk the path of our repentance.
  1. We must make reparations to the descendants of those who were enslaved and to those who lived on these shores when the Europeans arrived. I do not know what this looks like. And it would be inappropriate for me to say what this looks like. The oppressor does not get to set the terms when trying to make amends. Agency means the party who was harmed gets to determine how amends, and in this case, reparations are made.
  2. We must defund the police. I do not believe in police reform. Policing in the United States was created to exploit some and enrich others. Reform is not enough. The wheel must be broken and a new creation put in its place.
  3. We must support the political empowerment of Black people. If the change in public opinion from when Eric Garner and Michael Brown were murdered six years ago to recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery tells us anything it is that Black Lives Matter works.

Here are the sources I used to write this sermon.

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