How to Add Meaning to Your Life

This 5-day FREE course introduces you to different dimensions of a life guided by spiritual seeking and companionship. Join us!


This simple journey guides you through 5 days of spiritual exploration.

Being connected to others is the most authentic expression of who we are. But we spend so much of our time training our minds and bodies to see ourselves as separate from other beings. This training, more than anything else, is what causes us to feel like our lives are less meaningful than they could be. 

You can't manufacture a meaningful life. Meaning happens to you. You are encountered by meaning. You are moved, you are touched, you are transformed by these encounters with meaning. It is a gift that you cannot give to yourself. 

The encounter with meaning is the foundation of a spiritual life. It is this encounter with something larger, moving through you, that creates meaning. 

Over the next five days, we will cover the following dimensions of meaningful connection.

  1. Listening - Trust is the foundation of any relationship, whether it is with another human or with the Divine. Trust is built by listening.
  2. Longing - The longing you feel in your heart is the Divine longing for you. There is a great love affair that is the ground of Being. Encountering this love affair opens you to the interconnected reality of Being. 
  3. Resistance - The strong currents of selfishness, anger, and indifference carry most people along in our culture. We all have been trained by these currents and when we attempt to change our way of being we will face resistance from within and from those around us. It takes courage to face this resistance and to stay committed.
  4. Interconnection - As we grow in our understanding of ourselves, our true selves, we become more aware of the deep interconnection of who we actually are. Along with this understanding comes responsibility and a sense of mutuality grounded in ethics.
  5. Integrity - The spiritual journey has both inner and outer expressions. The pursuit of inner serenity separated from a sense of purpose guided by the journey is lacking. This doesn't mean you have to leave your job to become a saint, but how can the job you now have become more purposeful though a deeper understanding of interconnection?

A 5-day introduction isn't a guarantee to transform your life. But I promise that if you find this introduction insightful there is a great deal more we can do together to develop a meaningful life.

Join us!