Meditation Gives Me a Chance

weekly letter Jul 21, 2020


Meditation gives me a chance. It gives me a chance to notice the influences guiding my thinking. If I am able to notice these influences, and I have the willingness to be generous, then I can act in ways that are not only helpful to the world but make me happy as well. Meditation gives me a chance to align my intentions for how I want to behave with my behavior. 

A regular meditation practice promises nothing. I know, only too well, how lost I can get on the way to realizing my intentions for how I want to behave in the world, how misaligned my actions can be from my ideals. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the chance.

All around us we see a terrible misalignment in the world, an absence of integrity that arises out of not paying attention to the influences guiding our thinking. I truly believe everyone, without exception, wants to be happy and that we are at our happiest when we are helping others because that is when the barriers between our isolated selves and...

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