Meaningful lives

are created by experiencing

authentic connection

Take this FREE 5-Day Listening Journey with a friend
and be astounded by the connection you create

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Meaningful lives are created by experiencing authentic connection.

Take this FREE 5-day journey with a friend and be astounded by the connection you create

Feel like you're missing out on something, but confused about what it is? 
Looking for some direction, but not sure where to turn?
Overwhelmed by all the options, but not inspired by any of them?

1 Friend, 5 Days, and 20 Questions are all you need to get excited about where you are going next.

Too Many People Are Living With a Deficit of Attention

This sense of disconnection, if left for too long, leaves people wondering about the meaning of their lives.

But there is a solution. And it is really fun.


Take this FREE 5-day journey with a friend. I guarantee you will be surprised by the connection you have by the end of just one week.

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Bridget F.

I was not at all a spiritually competent person. In the past, I have even been so uncomfortable with it that my friends, those who really know me, enjoyed watching me cringe at the use of words such as “intimacy” and “faith”. Somehow Ian saw around that and invited me to participate in one of the most gratifying and incredibly healing experiences of my lifetime...he gave me a key to a door into my own spiritual and emotional space. The key was there, I just had to use it. While I am sure no one experienced the program in the same way, we were able to nurse each other’s wounds, support each other’s creativity, understand each other’s hesitations, and push each other’s boundaries. I felt both safe and exposed. During this experience, Ian was available. Knowing that each of us was vulnerable, as our choice, he was loyal to us and guided us in choosing expressions that reflected our selves in healthy and healing ways. We had many laughs, tears, and life altering discoveries.  

Who are your spiritual companions, friends of your soul, in this part of your journey?
— Lois Lindbloom

It's a question too many of us answer with a shrug of the shoulders. Perhaps we are too busy or we feel too vulnerable or we imagine there just aren't people willing and available to be our spiritual companions. Either way, a lot of us feel as if we are on our own when it comes to the spiritual journey. We sense the voice within, but we are unsure about how to take the next step and rather than sit with the loneliness of this situation we tell ourselves that our spiritual lives aren't that important and we learn to ignore the inner voice.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

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Mary C.

Ian is one of three people who have significantly altered the direction of my life and the contours of my heart. It’s tough to put Ian’s leadership into words. He covers the whole range of human emotions – from the serious and tragic to the playful and mischievous. In retrospect, because he doesn’t take himself too seriously, he is able to be self-deprecating and humorous, which helps us confront the confronting, sit with the uncomfortable, and open our hearts wider than we thought possible. There is something about who he is, how he greets us, hugs us loves us, that makes me think that even with all the battles we have to fight (individually and collectively), the world is good and pure and joyful, and that it’s okay to admit we need one another.

The Seeker's Table is a gathering of hopeful people built around spiritual intimacy, contemplative practices, and authentic relationships.

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