A community forĀ spiritual seekers

A safe place forĀ people with questions
who are looking for moreĀ meaningĀ in their lives

Grab a seat at the table

The Seeker's Table

aĀ safe place forĀ people with questions
who are looking for moreĀ meaningĀ in their lives

Grab a seat at the table

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"I was asked to put all my doubts on a shelf and then one day that shelf crashed down.

Trying to have a spiritual life after that felt like I was staring into an abyss. I didn't even know where to start."

—Carey M.

The spiritual search is confusing

  • You've outgrown how you were raised
  • Your faith is unraveling
  • You want to reclaim something that was meaningful
  • You distrust religion, but you still want to grow spiritually

What if there were a safe place where you could bring all your doubts and questions?

Grab a seat at the table

The Seeker's Table is for people who:

  • Want to feel confident that what they are learning is aligned with their values
  • Want to grow comfortable with mystery and not having to know all the answers
  • Want to be part of a supportive community working for a healthier, more inclusive world

The Seeker's Table is for people like you.

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Meet Ian White Maher

Like you, I have longed for a deeper sense of connection for much of my life. This longing led me:

  • to becoming a Unitarian Universalist minister in 2006
  • to live in a Zen Buddhist temple for 6 years
  • to make multiple pilgrimages in India and Turkey and sit scores of meditation retreats
  • to train as a spiritual director.


Why I started the Seeker's Table

As I deepened my personal path and expanded my work with others, I began to see a need for a spiritually-focused online community that connected people from around the world in a shared pursuit of:

  • deeper spiritual intimacy, trust, and connection
  • high-quality teaching integrating insights from the world's religions
  • support and accountability
Grab a seat at the table

"I was not at all a spiritually competent person... Somehow Ian saw around that and invited me to participate in one of the most gratifying and incredibly healing experiences of my lifetime"

—Brigid F.

Joining the Community is easy

If you are ready to shift from feeling detached and aimless to connected and on a path, there are 3 easy steps to getting started.

Have a Conversation

Schedule a 30-minute call with Ian to see if the program is right for you.

Grab your seat at the Table

Get immediate access to our on-demand courses that help you explore old patterns and discover new possibilities.

Experience Transformation

Finding the community you've been hoping for creates a world of possibilities.

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"Ian is one of three people who have significantly altered the direction of my life and the contours of my heart."

—Mary C.

Find Your Path 

Find Your People 

Find Your Purpose 

Walking a spiritual path on your own can feel overwhelming.

People spent more than $700 million on spiritual and religious books in 2021. Every day a new meditation app promises us help.
But somehow people just aren't making progress.
Without a connection to other people who are also on the path, it is easy to get lost, lonely, and overwhelmed. Finding the right people is like finding the key to a locked door.


Grab a seat at the table

Not sure where to begin?

Try one of these Introductory courses.

Discover the markers of a meaningful life.

What are you missing because life is so busy?

These 8 FREE guided meditations provide an accessible and inviting path for understanding who you are and who you are becoming.


Start the Journey Inward

Experience Deeper Connections

Want to get to know someone for real?
Are you tired of the fluff?

Over the course of 5 amazing conversations, you will learn how to have intimate and meaningful relationships with people who are close to you. 

This paid course includes a BONUS signup so you can invite a partner to join you as you learn together.


What would 5 life-changing conversations be worth to you?

Start Experiencing deeper connections today

The path is about liberation.

Many religious traditions portray God as a bigot and an oppressor.
The true path is about liberation for all people. Justice is a spiritual value.

Find Your Path 

Find Your People 

Find Your Purpose