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When we don't live with Purpose,
it impacts the whole world

The Tyranny of Saying "no"

One day we woke up, looked around, and felt that something was off (and had been off for a while) but it was hard to pinpoint where or why. This is because it wasn't one thing that caused us to feel this way.

Our inner wisdom had been trying to get our attention for some time, but we kept saying "no." And the consequence of repeatedly saying "no" was waking up and finding ourselves adrift and unsure how to get back to what is authentic for us. 

A Culture of "Shoulds"

All around us, we see people living in a culture of "shoulds" where we "should" do the right thing, but they don't so we don't. This is the consequence of saying "no" over and over again.

We don't take unpopular stands, regardless of how we feel inside, because we worry about consequences, about what other people will think about us, and about taking on too much responsibility.  We wish we had the courage, but too often it is easier to just look away from what our inner wisdom is asking us to do.

Acedia? What's that?

Acedia is the most powerful spiritual problem that you have never heard of. As our culture has become increasingly commodified and we have grown more distant from one another, we have found ourselves adrift in search of meaning. But instead of diving inward, we numbed out. 

Acedia is a word given to us by the Desert Mothers and Fathers of the early centuries of Christianity and it simply means “not caring” or “lack of care.” Sometimes it is shorthanded to indicate apathy, but it is more than that. It is an addictive cycle of boredom and estrangement that robs us of our calling. And our world is awash in it.

Say Yes! to your life

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Say Yes! to the Journey.

Making a decision to live guided by "yes" isn't necessarily easy, especially when we try to do it on our own. But it is the path of people who want to live authentic lives.

Fortunately, when we surround ourselves with other people who want to leave the world of "shoulds" behind and say "Yes!" to life it is easier to find the courage, the inspiration, and the motivation to live an authentic life. 

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The Buddha speaks of "Three Poisons" that cause most of our problems.

They are: Greed, Anger, and Delusion

And we can see the impact of these "poisons" all around us.

The frenetic and unexamined life leads us to:

Measuring our worth by our work

Living in a constant state of stress

Comparing our happiness to social media

Alienation from our neighbors

Loneliness and isolation

Disconnection from the planet

We treat these like they are secular problems and try to solve them with secular solutions.

But these are spiritual problems that require spiritual solutions.


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