Meaningful lives are created by
experiencing authentic connection


Authentic connection is created by
cultivating deep listening skills


This 5-day course gives you all the tools you need to start your journey.

I'm Ready to Start!

Jake C.

While it may sound cliché to call the course life-changing, it has left a profound impact on how I live my daily life. I find myself listening more attentively, collecting more information during conversations, and being able to really be there with my conversation partner, no matter who they may be... Ian's knack for the written and spoken word are unparalleled. You will find his message hypnotic and the unique gifts and skills in this course will enhance your life.



Take this 5-day journey with a friend. I guarantee you will be surprised by the connection you create by the end of just one week.

I'm Ready to Start

Hayley H.

I went through Ian's "Listening to Understand" 5-day course and was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned in such a short amount of time. Not only does Ian draw you in with his thoughtful presence and gift for speaking, he shows you practical techniques that increase your awareness for yourself and others in conversation. The tips he teaches you will stick with you long after the program. They are simple to understand, but extremely powerful.

Ian creates an inviting space where connection becomes encouraged and exciting. In a very divided world, Ian helps you learn to cultivate much-needed meaning and purpose with others. This course was deeply fulfilling and I know that everyone will benefit from these tools and practices. Ian is a true light. I'm thankful for his teachings and I'm looking forward to learning more from Ian in the future.