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Three Membership Options

Community is the single most important factor in anyone's spiritual journey.
We have richer more rewarding experiences when we work with others. 

At the Seeker's Table, there are three ways you can engage with your community. 



  • Private Member Community 
  • Early access to all live events
  • Online spiritual formation conversations and guidance 
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  • All Free Member benefits plus...
  • Morning meditation opportunities with Ian
  • 10% off all webinars and seminars
  • Accountability partners
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  • All Practioner Member benefits plus...
  • 10-week Foundations program based on the 10 insights of the spiritual journey
  • Weekly live group call with Ian exploring of the each of the 10 insights
  • 25% off all webinars and seminars
  • Library of all previously recorded webinars and seminars
  • Group spiritual direction leader program
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