If you long for a deeper
relationship with the Divine,
one-on-one guidance can
model the intimacy 
you seek.

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Spiritual Companioning

Middle English: from Old French compaignon, literally ‘one who breaks bread with another.’ 
Based on Latin com- ‘together with’ + panis ‘bread.’

Traditionally this form of ministry is known as spiritual direction, but I prefer the term companioning. Like any good friend, I am here to listen and then reflect back what I hear so together we might discern how and where the Divine is calling you.

Our actions are derivative of our decisions. Our decisions are derivative of our thinking. Our thinking is derivative of our spiritual condition. If we want a change in our lives, it begins with taking our
spiritual condition seriously.

I like to work with people a minimum of twice a month. Every week is even better, but once a month is hard to maintain focus.
I ask that you maintain a regular meditation or prayer practice. You don't have to participate in the other Seekr's Table programming, but it might help.
I charge $75-$100 per session. I leave it up to you to decide what is right in terms of your income situation.

"We all search for meaning and a community to share it with. And the day I met Ian, I was desperately seeking both. His compassion and insight inspired me to set aside what I thought I knew about myself and the world around me, and step forward with an open mind and heart. With these new understandings, I continue to explore and grow. "

Andrew C.
Is spiritual companioning right for you?
The easiest way to find out is to book a free 15-minute "Get to Know You Call" and we explore the process together. There will be a short form to fill out, which will help me guide our conversation. 


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