There is a path for spiritual misfits like you.


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Seek - Find your path

Encounter - Find your people

Become - Find your purpose

Do you...

  • Believe that contemplation creates spiritual intimacy

  • Want to fall in love with Life as a Sacred experience

  • Mourn the brokenness of the world, but believe in the goodness of humanity

  • Believe that Black Lives Matter, Queer rights are human rights, Women are pastors/rabbis/teachers

If this sounds like you, then join our community.

Membership opens again mid-April.

All new members begin with an 8-week orientation guiding you from...

  • Feeling confused and isolated to knowing what it means to have companions (human and Divine)

  • Thinking that you want something to knowing that you are called by something

  • Feeling that you lack what others have to trusting in your own inner guide

  • Feeling demoralized and overwhelmed by the heartbreak of the world to feeling hopeful

  • Trying to control (based on self-centered fear) to consenting to being led

  • Feeling inadequate to feeling authentic

  • Seeing yourself as an individual to understanding that you are part of a great and sacred awakening 


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"I was not at all a spiritually competent person... Somehow Ian saw around that and invited me to participate in one of the most gratifying and incredibly healing experiences of my lifetime"

—Brigid F.

Awakening is often described as an individual experience.
But this isn’t quite true.

While each of us is responsible for our journey, Life is interrelated. 

If we want to awaken, then we need to practice a spiritual path that is based on interrelatedness.

This requires a community.

The Seeker's Table is that community.

"Ian is one of three people who have significantly altered the direction of my life and the contours of my heart."

—Mary C.